I hereby give notice of the Parish Meeting of Wrenbury cum Frith Parish

to be held in the Pavilion, rear of the Cotton Arms, Wrenbury

on Thursday 11 April 2019 at 7.30 p.m.

Jack McEvoy (Chairman)


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. To receive the Borough Councillor’s Report
  3. To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report
  4. To receive a report on Consolidated Charities
  5. To consider reports from village organisations
  6. To consider resolutions of which written notice has been given
  7. To receive reports from parishioners (Discussion and Open Forum)
  8. Any other business.


The Parish Meeting is held annually and gives parishioners the opportunity to raise issues with the Parish Council.  This can be done in 2 ways: –

  1. By submitting a resolution to be discussed at the Parish Meeting.

Written notice of the resolution must be submitted to the Clerk prior to the meeting.  If the resolution is passed, the Parish Council is obliged to consider the matter at a subsequent meeting.

  1. By participating in the Open forum and speaking to the Parish Meeting.
Local Organisations

The Parish Meeting is also an opportunity for any local organisations to report on their activities.

Annual Parish Meeting – 11 April 2019

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