The Wrenbury Community Speed Watch needs you!  Community speed watch is aimed at trying to slow down traffic , it is not there to prosecute anyone.  However we only have one person trained up and we are looking for volunteers.

The requirement is to have two people working together, one with the speed gun and one with a clipboard, excess speeds are recorded with the registration,time, date , location, speed, vehicle type or colour. We are realistic about the speeds recorded and can justify any letters sent out.  For example if we were targeting a 30mph road we will only send a letter to anything over 38mph.  The good thing about this scheme, the volunteers can go out for as long or as little as they wish, the more random times they go out the more likely the regular users of that area will hopefully deter from speeding wondering if they are out and about.

If anyone is interested or would like more details on our scheme they can contact Sharon Jones of Cheshire Constabulary on 101 and ask the call taker to pass a message onto them.  Alternatively, please use the following email

Your Community Speedwatch Needs YOU!

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