Recently, Parish Councillors met with Borough Council highways officers to discuss a number of issues within the village.  Feedback following the meeting is shown below –

1.   Pedestrian Crossing adjacent to school: Local ward member advised of this request and to be placed on the pedestrian crossing survey list (approx. cost is up to £1000) and approx. cost for the zebra crossings can be up to £50000 including resurfacing.

2.   Speed of vehicles through the village – 20mph limit within area of school: Wrenbury Primary school is on Year 1 of the proposal to install an Advisory 20mph speed limit outside the school. The school will be approached soon by a Highways Engineer regarding this and if they wish to take part in this scheme.

3.   Loan of Speed Indicator Device: There should be a SID unit available soon for the parish.

4.   Weight restriction on lift-bridge: Discussions with the local ward members are to take place for an experimental weight limit including the area of this bridge.

5.   Resurfacing of main road through village (Nantwich Road): This area of carriageway (Nantwich Road) put forward for scrutiny for future Level 2 Patching and subsequent Surface Dressing.

6.   Drains – continuous problem: Drainage works at this location had taken place just before the time of our site meeting and I thought that the matter was now resolved. However, it was thought that drainage issues were still present. I have therefore requested for a camera survey of the highway system in the vicinity of the Post Office to be undertaken to establish if there are any blockages or restrictions within the drainage system.

7.   Station Road – speeding and deterioration of road markings: Speeding along Station Road is a Police matter, local residents can form a local Community Speed Watch group and using speed guns a long side a uniformed officer (Police or PCSO) can target speeding vehicles to receive letters from them regarding speeding. If they are repeat offenders then the actions are escalated higher than just a letter. Road markings would be looked out with view of relining when a lining crew was next in the area.

8.   Horse and rider warning signs: A survey will need to be carried out is they are required and possible inclusion onto Minor Works programme.

9.   School warning sign from east: To be assessed and possible inclusion onto Minor Works programme.

10. Two damaged street naming signs – Nantwich Road and Wrenbury Heath Road: Both Street Name plates have been added to a list for replacement.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor progress on these issues and update accordingly.

Highways Issues

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