Cheshire East Borough Council has been planning to alter its approach to street lighting to save carbon and energy. The revised policy has a number of different approaches.

  • · Switching off – where lights are permanently switched off with a view to removal in the future.
  • · Dimming – a process where lights operate at approximately 60% of their normal power in order to achieve savings whilst still providing a light. This decrease in light output is generally negligible to the human eye.
  • · Part night lighting – a process where lights automatically turn off at midnight and come back on between 05:30 and 06:30 am. This will be used in residential estates.

We are currently at the stage where we are switching off a number of street lights in and around your Parish, the lights that we will be turning off are predominantly on A or B class roads.

Where street lights are turned off, we will be erecting signs on the columns advising the public that “street lights not in use”, these signs will be erected at each end of the switch off area only. Further information relating to the sites can be found online at the Cheshire East Highways Service Information Centre:

Please note switch off works are scheduled for completion over the next few weeks. We will be contacting you again shortly to discuss the roll-out of the dimming programme and part light lighting arrangements. A copy of the criteria that the Borough have adopted is available on request.

Should you require further information or wish to discuss the matter further then please contact:

Jamie Parsons

Street Lighting Senior technician

Tel – 0300 123 5500

Street Lighting Carbon Reduction Scheme

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