Cheshire Fire Authority is the publically accountable body, which manages the fire and rescue service on behalf of local people.

The Authority has now published its annual plan, the draft Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for 2013/14 and the years beyond and a comprehensive 12 week consultation was launched on 24 September, which runs until 17 December.

This draft plan is the most significant in the Fire Authority’s 15 year history, as it sets out a number of far-reaching proposals, which have been developed so that it can maintain and improve the services it provides to the local community and make most effective use of its reduced funding.

The plan contains proposals to;

build up to 5 new fire stations through one-off capital costs

  • make significant changes to how fire stations are crewed
  • introduce a blanket 10 minute response time, and
  • reduce the number of full time firefighters and increase on-call staff

The proposals would help the Service to meet expected budget cuts of around £5 million over the next four years, but will take a number of years to implement. However, Members of the Fire Authority say they are confident that no firefighters will be subject to compulsory redundancies.

You will also be able to access a summary of the plans (attached), as well as supporting material and a full copy of the IRMP 2013-14 through visiting our website:

Equally, we welcome any written submissions on the proposals, which can be sent to;

Communication and Engagement Officer

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Sadler Road


Cheshire CW7 2FQ

Tel: 01606 868408

Or email:

Consultation on Future Plans for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
IRMP 10 Summary
IRMP 10 Summary
IRMP 10 Summary.pdf
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