Parish Council objects to development on The Old Creamery site.

At its meeting on 21 February the Parish Council resolved to object to the proposed development on the Old Creamery Wrenbury Road Wrenbury consisting of a 21 by 70 metre portal framed shed for casting concrete products, a 2m diameter by 10 metre mobile cement silo and 3 bay bin. 

The Parish Council heard representations from approximately 100 members of the public from Wrenbury and Aston regarding the planning application.   Following an extensive discussion of the issues the Council resolved to object to the development on grounds of loss of amenity to the occupiers of Holly House, demonstrable harm to highway safety and pollution  in the form of noise and dust.

12/0447N – Application on Cheshire East web site

Read the detailed objection.

Council objects to Concrete Works
Detailed objection
Detailed objection
12_0447N _Objection by Wrenbury PC.doc
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