11/1030N Outline application for new dwelling 6 Oak Villas Nantwich Road Wrenbury
At the last meeting of the Parish Council Councillors heard representations from neighbours and resolved to object to this development on the following grounds:-
1 The site is too narrow to accommodate a new dwelling
2 The parking space available to 6 Oak Villas would be severely restricted
3 A new access will be created close to the junction of Nantwich Road and Station Road along a stretch of road where there are already parked vehicles.
The parking problem is exacerbated at school / nursery opening and closing times amd this stretch of road is often reduced to one lane.    Access to the bungalows on the opposite side of the road is already compromised and the increase in turning movements would cause further safety problems.
4 The application description is for a dwelling.  There would be overdomination problems for No. 6 from a 2 storey house and even a bungalow may cause problems for the rear windows of No 6 which has already been extended to the rear.   The immediate open space behind No. 6 would receive very little light.
5 The Nook does not sit well in the street scene between the two storey development on either side and the introduction of another bungalow would do little to enhance the street scene.
Council objects to dwelling at 6 Oak Villas

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