Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

Wrenbury has been designated one of 13 Local Service Centre by Cheshire East Council within their Strategic Plan.  This means that Wrenbury village will have to make provision for additional houses over the Plan period which is 2010 to 2030. Wrenbury will have to take a share of the 3,749 houses to be absorbed by the 13 Local Service Centres. The final allocation has not yet been determined by Cheshire East.

More details on the Cheshire East Plan can be found on their website Click here

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document created by a committee of local residents, using input from all residents in the parish. It details what type of facilities and development is needed locally. This is then used in conjunction with Cheshire East Council’s ‘Local Plan’ (which covers the planning strategy for all of Cheshire East) whenever decisions are made about local developments in the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan – i.e. within the Wrenbury Parish.  Before it can be adopted and used, the Neighbourhood Plan must be approved by local residents via a referendum and also by Cheshire East Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan is YOUR plan; if you have any comments please use the contact details on this website to let us know your views.