Wrenbury Neighbourhood Plan


Business and services survey

Business Replies Summary Feb 2017

Call for Sites leaflet and application form FINAL

Public Communications Review – April 2018

Apr Residents Survey hand delivered to all households in Parish
Nov Public meeting
Feb Business Survey
Jun Fun in a Field information and survey
  Jul Display Boards and discussions at the Shop
  Jul Attended some interest group meetings
  Jul Progress leaflets distributed at shop, group meetings and to all parents at Primary School
 Oct Display Boards and discussions at the Shop
 Jan Call for Sites leaflet distributed to all households in Parish.

Posters in several places

Jan Neighbourhood Plan website updated


Call for Sites submission deadline, 28 sites come forward for independent analysis


Apr Notification of Regulation 14 published on website, posters in village and leaflets

Notification sent to  200 local, regional and national authorities and interested bodies

May Public drop in session arranged for 14th May for everyone to view the plans and discuss with the Neighbourhood Plan Committee



The following steps all need to be completed before the Plan is finalised and comes into force.

  • Public consultation period on the Draft plan as required by Regulation 14, which has now been completed
  • After this period all responses will be reviewed and amendments made to the draft Plan as necessary
  • Submit final Plan to Cheshire East who send it for Independent review
  • Modify plan if required
  • Cheshire East Council organise a referendum for the whole Parish to vote on the Final Plan
  • Assuming a supportive vote the Plan comes into force